Montezuma Beach Essentials List

montezuma beach essentials

The Ultimate Montezuma Beach Essentials Checklist

As you’re packing for your trip to Montezuma beach, Costa Rica, don’t forget these essential items. This is a list of absolute must-haves, from the basics (like swimsuits and books) to beach essentials.

  1. Best mineral sunscreen

  2. All-terrain sandals or water-shoes to explore

  3. Natural mosquito repellent

  4. Sunglasses & hat

  5. Flashlight

  6. A good pair of sneakers to explore more

  7. Sarong (multi-functional)

  8. Rain jacket / poncho (May through October on the Central Pacific of Costa Rica)

  9. A couple of swimming suits,1 long dress, 1 short dress, a couple of shorts, 3-4 T-shirts. Pack light and stick to cotton & linen!

  10. Reusable bag for shopping and your own water bottle to refill.

  11. A good book / journal / camera


That's it. This is the absolute Montezuma Beach Essentials.

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Montezuma is a tropical paradise full of paths to hike (intensity medium to high) and rivers to explore (also medium to high intensity).

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In Montezuma Beach, Costa Rica, the sun rises around 5.20am and sets around 5.30pm and it gets dark early.

To discover all the amazingly magical spots Montezuma has to offer, you’ll need to hike, explore and in some parts even climb. The temperature, on this corner of Costa Rica, varies between 30°C to 40°C, so comfortable and light outfits are a must.

The supermarkets in Montezuma, Costa Rica do not have plastic bags to hand out (yes, a huge environmental success!) and we encourage tourists to refill their water bottles instead of buying plastic bottles.

The book/ journal / camera will allow you to disconnect from your phone and everything it represents. After all, wasn’t it the reason you traveled all the way to Costa Rica? It’s sad to see couples and families all dining “together” but each one glued to the screen of their devices, missing the gorgeous natural beauty of Montezuma.

Grab your Montezuma Beach Essentials checklist

Grab your Montezuma Beach Essentials checklist, book your trip and come explore this gem of Costa Rica in a new and more sustainable way!

Montezuma: a place to disconnect & reconnect!

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