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The Rivers

It is impressive the variety of rivers and streams in Montezuma. They feed the ecosystems and landscapes that are along the route. The rivers are a source of energy for the entire area and are part of our protection efforts. The water running downstream will often be a combination of freshwater, along with rocks and gravel found under the river and its floodplain. Natural jacuzzis, pools, and tidepools are a constant gift from the rivers in Montezuma. Immerse yourself in them.

The winding rivers sustain life. Honor the rivers.

seeds found where the river flows into the ocean

exploring the jungle

Montezuma River

There are more than three waterfalls on Montezuma River. From the river mouth fishing spot, to the many pools and small falls, the hike on the river is a great adventure.  

At the beginning of the trail, you can plan for a relaxing time in the pools and have a natural water massage, or hike all the way up past the third waterfall for a private picnic. Pack your camera in a dry bag and start the adventure.

seeds found on the beach, Montezuma Costa Rica

Revitalize, regenerate, restore

Piedra Colorada River

Hike up the Piedra Colorada river and enjoy the natural jacuzzis formed by the different rocks under a green canopy. Perfect for a water massage with the healing effects of Mother Earth.  

The natural big pool that rests at the beach, is one of the local’s best spots.

Where the river meets the ocean

Miguelon River

This river serves as the beginning of one of the best surf spots from Montezuma to Cabuya before Playa Cedros, and exhibits the perfect contrast from the ocean waves to the calm rhythm of these waters. Locals enjoy this river all year round as a quiet relaxing spot that is ideal for a picnic on the beach. There is also a swing rope to jump into the natural pool that children love.

Find yourself in an adventure of a lifetime

Lajas River

Located just 5 km from Montezuma on the road to Cabuya, this is a wide river with several different swimming spots, frequented by local families. The river provides shallow water during the dry season and is a safe place for children.

Rio Lajas is full of wildlife!