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Montezuma Beaches, Costa Rica

Montezuma beaches and their guide detailed

The jungle of Montezuma sweeps down low coastal mountains to the Pacific Ocean, hugging the shore and creating some of the most beautiful beaches of Costa Rica and where the best sunrises take place.

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Las Pangas

Just in front of the bus stop with direct access from the beach boulevard, you will discover a great location to get a suntan, lounge in the shade, or jump into a volleyball game with the locals. “Las pangas” are small fishing boats that are usually parked on the sand; this beach was named in honor of the local artisanal fishermen .

Pangas is also where boats depart for Isla Tortuga and Jaco taxi boats due to gentle waves and depth. Ideal for an afternoon beer, always remember to take the can or bottle back to the Supermarket to recycle!

Sunrises, turtles and swimming

La Playita

Witness the stunning sunrises, relax after a tour or a night out dancing on the closest beach to the town center. Enjoy bluish-green water and the perfect temperature for a swim. It is just north of the public primary school and features a public beach soccer court, kids playground, and natural art benches to enjoy ocean views under almond trees.

From July to December, you can watch a turtle hatching its eggs and support local protection programs that take place here while enjoying the release of turtle hatchlings into the ocean.

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Piedra Colorada

If you take the Sendero Verde (Green Trail) from Montezuma Beach, you will discover the unique Piedra Colorada, a cove where a small river forms a freshwater pool ideal for small kids of all ages to swim and play. 

“Piedra” is Spanish for “stone.”  Pierda Colorada gets its name from the stones of striking color that line its river bed.  Visitors stack stones to create a beach of beautiful collaborative natural sculptures.  Feel free to create one yourself. 

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Playa Grande

Without a doubt, one of the most favorite beaches to see in Montezuma is Playa Grande. The green jungle trail walk is under shade, and about 30 minutes from the town center. The path ends at a long, wide, and almost deserted beach. Great to sunbathe topless, if you fancy, or swim or take your first surf lesson.* Remember to bring water, fruits, or dry fruits for a full day experience as you lounge on the palm lined beach along the coast. Locals have been creating small natural chill-out spots with driftwood to accommodate visitors while they enjoy the shade and the ocean breeze.   *Surf lessons need to be arranged in advance – there are no surf offices in Playa Grande as it is a protected zone.

Lost piece of Paradise, Montezuma Beach

Playa Cocalito

Playa Cocalito is an exciting hike through jungles, beaches, and rivers. The best way to reach Playa Cocalito is on horseback as it is 4 km away from Montezuma. The white sand beach and clear blue waters are only part of the beauty. 

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Playa Las Palmeras

Las Palmeras Beach is the first beach on the way to Cabuya and receives visitors with one of the biggest natural pools in the Montezuma area. This is a favorite beach for locals. It is uncrowded and the large trees provide a lot of shade. Young children can safely play with parental supervision in the gentle river that empties into the ocean. Many local families come to the large gentle river pool to teach their children how to swim.

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Playa Las Manchas

Walk or drive 1 km from town, after Las Palmeras where a white sand beach bathed by a turquoise sea appears as enchanted amid volcanic black stones. This is the locals’ weekend favorite and is perfect for snorkeling when low tide, but not suitable for small kids to swim due to occasionally strong currents. The current can be a little dangerous, especially on the right side (when looking to the sea) as a whirlpool is formed. If you feel that the sea sucks you, the best is to don’t panic and swim parallel to the coast and get out to the left.  There is a life-saving flotation device always located in the palm trees near the parking area.

Weekend on the Montezuma Beaches

Playa Miguelon

A favorite fishing spot for locals.  When the big fish push the sardines up on the shore, fishermen scoop them up and add them to their hooks.  Using a yo-yo fishing hand-line they catch impressive red snapper (pargo) and rooster fish and snook.  Miguelon has easy access to parking and is an excellent place for picnics and family fun.  Many Ticos come to spend the day or weekend with their coolers full of drinks and food.

easy paddle out, to a great point break

Playa Cedros

Playa Los Cedros is another long and sandy beach that changes its look according to the tide conditions. At low tide, you’ll see a lot of rocks. At high tide, you’ll see a perfect, sandy beach stretching 300 yards or so toward Cabuya and a phenomenal right-handed point break.

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