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An incredible combination of coast and jungle creates a dazzling array of natural beauty. Beach-lovers will be trilled with Montezuma’s many distinct beaches and tide pools. Freshwater fans will not be bored with Montezuma’s five rivers and multiple waterfalls. Four local protected areas are perfect for birdwatching, hiking, and find quiet spots to meditate. We invite you to explore for yourself.

Explore the beauty of Montezuma.

tajaline land crab
Montezuma Beach
Amor de Mar Tide Pool
Montezuma Waterfall
Costa Rica Flag on Montezuma Rocks
Playa Grande Surf Lessons
Cabuya Island
Suspended Bridges at Zipline
Cows in Pasture
Montezuma Waterfall
Montezuma Sunrise
Montezuma Town
Piedra Colorada River
Cabuya Cemetery Island
Miguelon River
Cabo Blanco Island
Flor Blanca Flowers
Hydro Massage
Las Manchas Beach
caption here
Apple Banana Flower
Cemetery Island Cabuya
El Higueron Tree
Dolphins on trip to Tortuga Island

 5 ways you can protect these Natural Areas & Beaches during your stay:

1. Don’t leave garbage behind. Please bring any non-organic trash to your hotel or house. Every establishment has the correct container for your trash and recycling.

2. Don’t take shells, take plastic! The rivers bring tons of plastic from the cities every rainy season to our beaches. Please help pick up some pieces and take them back to your hotel for disposal. You may find cloth bags for the plastic at some of the beach accesses.

3. Donate. Our town has a consistent program of activities to clean and protect the natural beauty of the area, you can support these community efforts with your contribution.

4. Don’t drive on the beach. It is not allowed to drive cars or motorcycles on the beach.

5. Don’t make a bonfire. It is dangerous for the animals and the burning wood can start a fire during the dry season. 

The ADIM is a communal nonprofit organization working for the public good and sustainable development of Montezuma. Our budget comes mainly from the support of friends, visitors, and community members. Help to grow this community with your donation. Our projects support the environment, youth, and minorities. Small actions count.

Donate to Our Community.

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