Embraced by the Pacific Ocean and a lush forest, Montezuma has been attracting eco-tourists for decades, thanks to rich biodiversity, abundant wildlife, splendid beaches, peaceful conservation areas, and outstanding adventure sports.

Imagine the possibilities.

a series of three photos tidepools-yoga and playa grande


- in seven days -

Day 1:   Morning yoga class at Montezuma Yoga. Afternoon hike to Piedra Colorada and Playa Grande. Dinner at Cocolores, try their curry banano fish.


Day 2:    Diving day tour exploring secluded beaches with Montezuma Crew.


Day 3:   Explore Cabuya.  Swim at Rio Lajas natural pools. Snorkel at Cabuya Island during low tide. Enjoy the delicious typical food at Soda El Castañito in Cabuya. 


Day 4:   Morning horseback rides to Cocalito and see El Chorro waterfall. In the afternoon, visit ASVO turtle hatchery.  ASVO releases turtle hatchlings at 4:30 pm. 


Day 5:   Hike Montezuma River to the Waterfalls. For lunch, venture up the hill and explore Butterfly Garden and Brewery Company. In the afternoon, take the Canopy Zip Line. 


Day 6:   Surf class in Playa Grande or Los Cedros with Nicoya Surf School. In the afternoon, explore tide pools Poza del Pico, Amor de Mar, and Las Palmeras.


Day 7:   Hike in Cabo Blanco National Park. When returning from Cabo Blanco, enjoy local homemade chocolate at Indigena Cafe or a cold beer and fresh ceviche at Calala Lodge.

happy surf students with instructor
couple walking on Playa Grande
tourists visiting ASVO
sunset over calm river

4 Days

- Disconnect to reconnect -

Day 1:     See sunrise, journal, attend a morning yoga class at NYA, find a shady spot on the beach to meditate. Draw, color, or do any relaxing activity before bed.



Day 2:     See sunrise, journal.  Take a walking meditation to Montezuma’s famous waterfall.

In the afternoon, experience the Sound Journey at Ylang Ylang.  From there, follow the path to Piedra Colorada and mindfully stack stones.  Meditate outdoors. 



Day 3:     Wake and journal.  Attend a morning yoga class at Montezuma Yoga.  Enjoy a healthy meal at Amor de Mar, and book a massage or just relax in the hammocks by the river. Swim in the natural tide pool and meditate at sunset by the ocean.   



Day 4:     Take a walking meditation to Rio Lajas.  Explore the natural pools, swim, and hydromassage.  The mud at the bottom of Rio Lajas is detoxifying and loaded with healthy minerals.  You can cover your body with it and allow the sun to dry the clay slowly.  Rinsing in the river will reveal your skin fresh and soft.

woman under small waterfall
moonrise over the beach
stone stack in front of Montezuma waterfall
woman at beach in yoga pose during sunset


- in three days -

Day 1:     In the morning, visit the Montezuma Waterfall with a local guide. Learn about native trees and fauna. Enjoy lunch and Montezuma Beer at Butterfly Garden and Brewery Company. In the afternoon, explore the jungle with Suntrails Canopy Zip Line at 3 pm.



Day 2:     Rent an ATV to explore beaches, tide pools, and rivers.  Head toward Cabuya.  The first stop is at Las Manchas for a relaxing sunbath and snorkeling in the turquoise water. From there, drive to Los Cedros Beach to play in the incredible waves and watch the local surfers. Keep going to the Lajas River to relax and refresh in the natural pools. As you arrive in Cabuya, visit ancient Higueron and the Island during low tide. Buy fresh fish at Fisherman’s Market in front of the island. 



Day 3:    Breakfast at Soda La Naranja. Hike the ¨Sendero Verde¨ to Piedra Colorada and Playa Grande.  Sign up for a Surf Lesson with By the Wave or for a horseback ride to Playa Grande and Cocalito Waterfall.  In the afternoon, go shopping for souvenirs downtown and the Paseo de Artesanos.  Dinner at Playa de los Artistas.

blue canopy bridge
the great Higueron tree of Cabuya
surfer at Los Cedros with yellow board
artezano helping girl put on a bracelet

Wedding Week

- a Montezuma Itinerary -

Day 1:     Arrive, explore the town and get together for cocktails at the Beach Resort Ylang Ylang.


Day 2:     Enjoy a private boat tour to Tortuga Island with Zumatours.  Customize your tour to include options such as fishing, snorkeling, and BBQ fish on the beach. 


Day 3:    Rent ATVs to explore the nearby towns.  Drive to Cabuya and get a smoothie at the Cabuya Bakery. Cross the peninsula to Mal Pais and Santa Teresa to surf and enjoy the spectacular sunset.


Day 4:     Waterfall tour with a guide in the morning.  In the afternoon, relax at the beach.


Day 5:      Surf lessons and sunbath at Playa Grande in the morning.  Massages for the ladies in the afternoon.  Rehearsal dinner at 6 pm at UBIN.



Morning hairdresser appointments for the ladies, massage for the groom and best man 

4 pm ceremony at the beach

7 pm dinner party 


Day 7:     Chill on the beach and get ice cream cones downtown.  Share pictures and last dinner at Chelo’s

view of the beach on a clear day
secluded beach with palm trees
two gold wedding rings in the sand
newly weds embracing