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The Tide Pools

Tide Pools are an impressive natural phenomenon. These sometimes deep pools are naturally carved out of the surrounding rock, and filled with seawater. In Montezuma there are all sizes of them from ones that feel like a giant hot tub to others big enough to swim.

Tide pools are usually best and safest to visit and enjoy during low tide. The ocean covers these tide pools at high tide so there are always many sea creatures hiding inside, lots of little tropical fish, crabs, sea slugs, and even some spiky sea urchins. Watch out for these as they have sharp spines.

Hidden surprises in the rocks.

shells found near tide poolss


Poza del Pico

Located just at the end of Playa Las Pangas, it is a great spot for a dip with a lovely view of the beach and the town.

group of shells found in Montezuma

Secluded gem

Los Palmares

This secret pool is located in a big flat stone in front of Soda Las Palmeras, it is an impressive landscape and a great location to feel the strength and beauty of the Pacific Ocean waves.

Away from the crashing waves

Amor de Mar

This is the biggest of the tide pools in Montezuma, and perfect for diving and swimming. To get there, just follow the mouth of the Montezuma River and walk away from town. Although it is surrounded by the beautiful garden of the Amor de Mar Hotel, it is a public zone and access is free.