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Montezuma Waterfalls

Waterfalls in Costa Rica; what makes Montezuma a unique destination on the Nicoya Peninsula is the wonderful mix of refreshing dreamy waterfalls, and pools that the many rivers offer to the adventurous visitors.

These dramatic waterfalls are worth seeing and make for a fantastic adventure!

The area’s biggest attractions and for good reason.

White Plumera

Stunning Falls, Refreshing Pools

Discover Waterfalls

The Montezuma Waterfalls are three cascades along the Montezuma River and are 40 meters (130 ft) high in total. The tallest part of the falls is the lowest tier, tumbling 79 feet (24 meters) into a large pool at the river bottom. 

Not only are the falls themselves beautiful but you can swim in the refreshing pools and even jump from some of them, the smaller ones, if you dare. 

Beautiful, Impressive, Refreshing! These three waterfalls in Costa Rica are different in size and accessibility with pools to swim in and rocks to climb. A must see and a nice way to cool off!

Into the PACIFIC bright blue water

El Chorro

This beautiful waterfall in Montezuma in Costa Rica is one of only seven waterfalls in the world that falls into the sea. And you can find it at Playa Cocalitos, part of Romelia Refuge, five miles (8 km) north of town. The “El Chorro” cascades stunningly from a cliff into lava rock pools and the ocean. The falls are beautiful, often reflecting rainbows, and feature a beach cove with an incredibly scenic look. It is just like a poster! But with you in it!

Peaceful and serene hideaway in Montezuma

Piedra Colorada Waterfalls

Piedra Colorada’s river is ever changing, but often creates a large pool for swimming. Hiking further up the river, you’ll find a lovely waterfall to enjoy a natural water massage, smaller swimming pools and lots of wildlife. 

You will not regret going up the river a bit more to find a secluded waterfall and a big pool to enjoy the healing effects of Mother Earth, in the natural jacuzzis formed by the different rocks under a green canopy.

Off the beaten path

Rio Lajas Waterfall

On the road from Montezuma to Cabuya, the Cabuya Bridge and sign shows where Rio Lajas begins. From this point, you start the uphill journey to this striking waterfall. Few visitors make this trip because it is not very easy but it is a rewarding and unique experience. The river hike is about two hours each way, so be sure to bring plenty of water. As you hike, you will hear the sounds of the birds.

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