Surf Montezuma: Best spots in Costa Rica

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Best spots to surf in Montezuma, Costa Rica

Surf Montezuma Spots !

What is it like to surf in Montezuma, Costa Rica?

Well, let’s start with its location: Montezuma is located on the tip of the Nicoya peninsula facing 270 degrees of open ocean, the Pacific Ocean. Montezuma and its neighboring town Cabuya, are part of the same coastline. And the beaches of Montezuma and Cabuya face south, which means that:

  1. During the rainy season (May through November) there are bigger waves in Montezuma and Cabuya because we get the waves coming from The South, and
  2. There are surf-able waves all year round in Montezuma

Where to surf in Costa Rica?

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If you are a beginner, you want:
  1. A big sandbar, as it’s important to be able to wade out and catch the lines of whitewater at the beginning, and
  2. Knee to waist-high water.

Playa Grande in Montezuma has it all and more to start to Surf in Costa Rica. Playa Grande is a super beach break, perfect for beginners. There is one headland on each side of the beach resulting in no strong currents, because the swells break way offshore. Playa Grande in Montezuma also has a big and solid sand bar, and plenty of whitewater, up to 60 meters or 200 feet approximately.

But that’s not all. There are also good days for intermediate and advanced levels of surfing in Playa Grande. In fact, many schools from the Nicoya Peninsula come to Montezuma and Cabuya to teach intermediate and advanced levels of surfing. One good tip is that when the waves get big in Playa Grande -the waves tend to curl/close so it’s best for whitewater, but when the waves are big in Playa Grande, that’s when you want to go surf in Cabuya, because that’s when the point break waves start there. And when the waves get too small in Cabuya, there are for sure good waves to surf in Playa Grande. There is always sunshine and waves to surf in this area.

Best Spots in Costa Rica

The surf in Costa Rica, and especially in Montezuma, is great for a couple of reasons: one being that there are surf-able waves all year round, and the second is that driving on the beaches in Montezuma is not allowed. This translates onto a less exploited, less crowded and more preserved beaches. To surf in Playa Grande, which is a natural reserve, you need to walk there for about 15-20 minutes (which is worth it, since you get to see the diverse and amazingly beautiful landscapes that Montezuma, Costa Rica, has to offer).

Thanks to Nicoya Surf for the insight! And here is a tides chart you can use to start planning your surfing!

Ready to book your trip? Grab your Montezuma Essentials checklist, book your surf lessons through our Directory page.

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