ASADA Montezuma

Group People of Asada in Montezuma

April 21, 2021. Adhering to a strict sanitary protocol and with a strong conviction to turn Montezuma into a sustainable tourist destination, several community organizations carried out this Thursday, April 22, a campaign to clean up rivers and beaches to commemorate World Day from the earth. The activities began at 8:00 am with the cleaning […]

The Mother of Montezuma: Doña Neri

Dona Neri: The Mother of Montezuma

Neri Vargas Villalobos is widely known as the Mother of Montezuma.  At 91 years old, her beautiful life of marriage, child-raising, and healing is an inspiration to us all.   Originally from Zarcero, a small town close to San José, Neri landed with her parents on the beach of Montezuma one afternoon in 1943, when […]

Montezuma Brand

Montezuma Costa Rica logo

The main objective of this identity design is to provide Montezuma with an original and authentic image that represents its nature and artistic personality. Conceptual development Indigenous symbols of the region were the inspiration to generate the typeface that represents this magical town in an artisanal way. The Colors Montezuma is colorful. From warm orange […]

Geology of Montezuma

Rock formation with cloudy sky

Montezuma is located in one of the most amazing geologic places on Earth! The Middle America Trench runs along the Pacific coast along the Nicoya Peninsula, where an oceanic plate (section of Earth’s crust) is diving below the Caribbean plate that Montezuma sits on! At Montezuma, you can see the remains of an ancient set […]

Beach Soccer Field

soccer goal

This recreational beach soccer field by the sea is part of a program to create opportunities, motivate and nurture the spirit of improvement and effort in the youth of our community through the practice of team sports. Being open to the public creates a space of fun and movement for visitors and for the community. […]

La Playita – Public Parking

Jeeps parked in parking lot

Adjacent to the recreational space and kids playground, this new Public Parking lot has capacity for more than 50 vehicles and was built by ADIMontezuma, respecting the guidelines of the Maritim Zone Regulatory Plan, and decongesting the small center of parked cars. In the downtown area, the community wants to give priority to the pedestrians […]

Kids Playground

girl swinging on wing in playground

Located 200 meters north of the center of Montezuma, this is a place to enjoy with the family. Recently a new wood playground has been installed in the shade of the almond beach trees. There are also beautiful, rustic artisan-built benches made with driftwood, making watching the ocean view with friends even more enjoyable. This […]

Volleyball Court

men and boys play volleyball at night

Las Pangas beach volley field is located only 100 meters from the center of Montezuma, overlooking the ocean with natural benches and a comfortable parking space by the side. It has become one of the favorite places for teenagers to get together for a spontaneous volleyball competition or to cheer on their team of friends.  […]

Beach Boulevard

people gathering in downtown Montezuma

Located in the center of town, this space, previously misused as a parking lot, was recovered for public use, revalidating the access to the beach and creating a meeting area for pedestrians with large wooden benches in a circular shape under the shade of colorful triangular awnings.  It quickly became the preferred place to meet, […]

Aquatic Rescue and CPR

CPR course Montezuma Costa Rica

Montezuma hosted an introductory course on Aquatic Rescue and CPR -Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation-. Certified instructor Mar Chen arrived from Jacó to hold this first training to12 young people from Montezuma. The two-day workshop based on 12 hours of practice and training took place in different locations, including Montezuma at La Playita, Las Pangas, and Las Manchas. […]