Volleyball Court

men and boys play volleyball at night

Las Pangas beach volley field is located only 100 meters from the center of Montezuma, overlooking the ocean with natural benches and a comfortable parking space by the side. It has become one of the favorite places for teenagers to get together for a spontaneous volleyball competition or to cheer on their team of friends. 

The court has public lighting, which allows practice after sunset. It is also equipped with a water source to fill reusable bottles as part of the ADIM and ASADA efforts to offer quality free water in town and reject single plastic use. 

Two groups are currently training in the beach volley court, one group from 8 to 10 years old and the other from 11 to 17. We do not receive funds from national institutions to support this free training. Any help, support, and donations are highly appreciated. You are welcome to join us and bring your family!

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