The Mother of Montezuma: Doña Neri

Neri Vargas Villalobos is widely known as the Mother of Montezuma.  At 91 years old, her beautiful life of marriage, child-raising, and healing is an inspiration to us all.   Originally from Zarcero, a small town close to San José, Neri landed with her parents on the beach of Montezuma one afternoon in 1943, when […]

Conservation Pioneers

old photo of Nicholas Wessburg & Karen Mogensen

Nicolas and Karen’s History Guided by a dream, Nicolas Wessberg and Karen Morgensen left their birth countries of Sweden and Denmark in 1954 and arrived in Montezuma after living in several countries in America looking for the place they dreamt of. In 1963, they developed the first protected area in Costa Rica, establishing the Cabo […]

Geology of Montezuma

geology of Montezuma

Montezuma is located in one of the most amazing geologic places on Earth! The Middle America Trench runs along the Pacific coast along the Nicoya Peninsula, where an oceanic plate (section of Earth’s crust) is diving below the Caribbean plate that Montezuma sits on! At Montezuma, you can see the remains of an ancient set […]