Volunteer Opportunities

Montezuma is a fantastic place to volunteer in Costa Rica. Volunteering allows you to immerse yourself in the Latin culture while helping people who are working to improve life within the community. You will get to explore the rich wildlife, forest trails, and colorful beaches while simultaneously protecting the land and animals.

Volunteering is a deeply moving experience. You may find a new perspective that can change you in a profoundly positive way.
There are several volunteering programs in and around the Montezuma area that attract participation from travelers and ex-pats worldwide.

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The ASVO project is striving to help educate the general public in regards to the harm that is being done by disturbing turtles and/or their nest of eggs. The protection of the beach area from poachers, animals, and people is an important duty in the conservation program at Montezuma.

In addition to the turtle projects, ASVO volunteers also work with the local community in recycling, cleaning the beaches, and environmental education.

The Sea Turtle Conservation Program at Montezuma Beach works also to generate scientific information to describe the dynamics of nesting, by collecting data to develop strategic plans to mitigate the problems that affect the maintenance of this essential resource.

Preserving the pristine wilderness


The land of the R.N.V.S. Romelia exudes beauty, with an extensive beachfront bathed by rolling Pacific Ocean waves. Romelia’s seashore extends from Rio Cocal at Playa Cocal ( Playa Grande) to Rio Bonito at Playa Cocalito. Guarded by iconic sea stacks and an in-land nurtured by peaceful rivers with tranquil waterfalls.

In the present Romelia focuses on two main active projects powered by volunteer work, both national and international:

The Romelia Sea Turtles Conservation Project aims to conserve the populations of turtles nesting on the beaches; this program began in 2009 with the help of international and national volunteers.

The Environmental Education Program aims to educate the children about the importance of land and wildlife conservation.

Research Opportunities for Students and Independent Researchers

Romelia belongs to the Area de Conservación Tempisque (A.C.T.). It is part of the Corredor Biologico Peninsular, consisting of Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve, Curú Mixed Wildlife Refuge, Karen Morgensen Natural Reserve, Nicolas Wessberg Natural Reserve.

BAck to the wild

Wild Sun

Wild Sun Rescue Center is a non-profit organization located in Cabuya, Costa Rica, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of our local wildlife, and are continuously striving to find solutions to the threats they face.

Every day treat sick, injured, and orphaned animals that are affected by various threats including electrocution, dog and cat attacks, and illegal pet trade. The primary goal is to release each animal back to the wild.

In addition to animal care, Wild Sun is actively promoting conservation and offers internships and veterinary externships to increase community engagement and global awareness of conservation in Costa Rica.